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The 2024 AICD Show Report

The Association of Independent Compressor Distributors (AICD) held its annual event at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, in April 2024. Participating distributor members and guests enjoyed a few days of networking events, the AICD trade show, speakers, the AICD Golf Tournament and more.

The 2024 AICD Board: Michael McCulley, Rob Grizzle, Dave Nosal, Sal Calvo, Kasey Gould, Mikella Reed, Bart Frush, Joe Torchia, Bob Coppell and Jeff Brennan (left to right).


“We’ve had a great year. The AICD is continuing to grow and find new ways to add value for the members’ companies,” said Jeff Brennan, President, AICD and General Manager for Compressed Air Power in Phoenix.

“There has been a great turnout and great speakers this year. I love this show – I’ve been attending consecutively since 1999. It keeps me abreast on the industry,” said Rick Walsh, Q Air-California, a participating AICD member.

This report will tour a sampling of the trade show exhibits (by technology, A-to-Z), and recap the conference and functions.


Lubricated Air Compressors

AYKOM Compressor unveiled its ATUS Series rotary screw direct drive air-cooled compressed air systems with models from 7.5 to 100-horsepower (hp), with plans to expand the range up to 400-hp. Each model comes with quick change air/oil cartridge filters for easier service and lower pressure drop, stainless steel tubing with O-ring fittings (no hoses), UL electronics, and ASME compliance. AYKOM has a UL Certified Panel Shop and is an ASME Certified pressure vessel builder up to 1,000 psi. On display was a 30-hp tank-mounted (200 gal.) unit with a refrigerated dryer, as well as a 50-hp unit.

Emre Tujumet, Aydin Dereci and Nitin Shanbhag at the AYKOM Compressors and Alkin Compressors booth (left to right).


BAUER Compressors’ medium-pressure BMP Series ranges from 20 to 125-hp with flow rates from 27 to 175 scfm. The two-stage design achieves final pressures up to 435 psig, while the three-stage design option reaches 1,450 psig. Features include integrated interstage safety valves, interstage condensate separators and drains, an air-cooled aftercooler and PLC control with touchscreen HMI, all on a heavy-duty skid with lift pockets and structural tie-downs.

John Mirabelli and Eric Phelps at the BAUER Compressors booth (left to right).


Bobcat displayed its oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors with totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors ranging from 10 to 400-hp (fixed speed) and 30 to 400-hp (variable speed). Its Doosan Max synthetic lubricant is rated for 8,000-hour life. Each unit is equipped with the Bobcat Advanced System Controller, which monitors seven checkpoints, features multi-schedule operation, two pressure band operations, power loss restart, remote start/stop, remote load/unload and more.

Patrick Jakeway, Neal Stephan, Craig Parmele (Compressed Air Advisors Online) and Kyle Schafer at the Bobcat booth with an IA50vs unit (left to right). 

EL-AV Compressors USA displayed the new EL+ Series PM VFD screw air compressor (15 to 100-hp). The EL+ comes standard with IP54 IE4+ PM motor, one shaft direct drive, heavy duty radiator and high-efficiency inverter van, to achieve 49 to 530 max cfm up to 145 psig.

Amit Mizrahi and Yoel Mizrahi with EL-AV Compressors USA (left to right).


ELGi has a history of manufacturing its own 50 Hz motors, and now the company is manufacturing 60 Hz motors for air compressors up to 60-hp. They come standard in its EG15-45 direct drive rotary screw models. On display was the EGPM variable speed rotary screw with PM motor, Neuron 4 touchscreen controller and Intelligent Thermal Valve.

Scott Avery next to the EG Series direct drive rotary screw featuring motors built by ELGi.


Hertz Kompressoren USA is launching 30 to 100-hp VSD models for its Impetus Series, after introducing 125 to 430-hp fixed speed (optional VSD) units last year. All units use PM motors with efficiencies varying from 96.1% on the 50-hp, to 98% on the 100-hp models. All units are two-stage, and Hertz is seeing a 10 to 15% improvement in efficiency vs. prior models. Other features include an improved dBa rating of 71, new cartridge style oil filters, one micron intake filter elements and more.

Clark Beal and Mert Alpagut at the Hertz Kompressoren USA booth (left to right).


Sauer Compressors USA displayed a WP323LM four-cylinder, three-stage 640 psi (160 scfm) unit with the flexibility to stand alone, or remove the ambient inlet configuration to work as an air or gas booster. Its Hurricane and Orkan Series high pressure (200 to 7,000 psi) reciprocating air and gas boosters are undergoing further development to expand the ranges, and support Sauer’s rental fleet. According to Jim Riley and David Swartz, Sauer can build any high-pressure solution for purchase, while its rental fleet is equipped with complete high-pressure air and gas solutions, plus storage, treatment and distribution options for temporary needs.

Cara Godack, David Jens, Adam Shoemaker, Anthony Harris, Jim Riley, Sean Dempsey, and David Swartz at the Sauer Compressors USA booth (left to right).


SA Performance showcased its wide range of premium lubricants for positive displacement and dynamic air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, gas compressors and more. The family-owned business also offers airend rebuild services.

Abra Zawacki and Mac Samples at the SA Performance booth (left to right). 


Following the release of the SPM Series 5 and 7.5-hp rotary screw line, Sullivan-Palatek is onto its next innovation. “In the next few months, we are introducing the SP11 oil-flooded rotary screw range with 25-hp, 30-hp and 40-hp fixed and variable speed units. Equipped with TEFC motors and wye-delta starters, these models are available in open concepts with optional enclosures and are capable of meeting and exceeding isentropic efficiency standards,” said Bob Groendyke, Senior Product Marketing Manager. The Sullivan-Palatek plant has also added an additional rotor grinder, doubling its capacity for its products made in America.

Bob Groendyke, Larry Colley and Grant Hebert at the Sullivan-Palatek booth (left to right). 


Tamsan-USA displayed the TVK-S Series direct drive oil-flooded rotary screw servo air compressor. The TVK-S ranges from 10 to 350-hp, equipped with VSD capability and PM motors. Reliability and ease of maintenance features include Weg motors, wye-delta starters, oversized and numbered wiring and electrical components, sheer paneled oil level indicator windows and more. Also displayed was a direct drive piston model coming to market by year’s end.

Josh Wamser and Duane McCarty next to 15-hp TVK-S at the Tamsan-USA booth (left to right). 


Oil-Free Scroll, Screw and Centrifugal Air Compressors

ANEST IWATA Americas is rolling out choices for integrated refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryer options for its tank-mounted SLT and SLTE Series oil-less scroll and piston air compressors. Its SLE Series multi-air end, oil-less scroll models are now equipped with enhanced control options to achieve higher flows at higher pressures.

Andrea Schulte and Tom Fermann at the ANEST IWATA Americas booth (left to right). 


BOGE displayed the OE N Series oil-free scroll compressor (5.5 to 40-hp), offering galvanized tank-mounted configuration, IE3 motor, two-stage aftercooler, focus control 2.0, BOGE connect and more. It’s designed for quiet operation in a compact design, to deliver 12 to 124 cfm at 115 or 145 psig. Their booth also had virtual reality displays of its SO-2 oil-free rotary screw air compressor, where attendees could see the interworking and assembly of all components.

Virual Reality display at the BOGE booth.


FS-Curtis/FS-Elliott showcased the FS-Elliott Polaris oil-free centrifugal air compressor range and the FS-Curtis ECO-Turbo Series oil-free, air- or water-cooled centrifugal air compressors. The group has unique capabilities with its expertise in both single and multi-stage positive displacement and dynamic compression.

David Sleeman, Matt McCarthy, Matt Smith and Jon Harris at the FS-Curtis/FS-Elliott booth (left to right). 


Hanwha Power Systems discussed its latest SM100 Series oil-free centrifugal air compressors. Its five models range from 1,950 to 18,800 cfm, 270 to 4,155-hp and 50 to 188 psia. At its core are a highly efficient main drive motor and a five to axis machined stainless steel impeller capable of turndown ratios of 30 to 40%. Other components include tilted pad journal bearings on pinion gears, low friction loss sleeve journal and taper landed thrust bearing on the bull gear, water-in-tube inter and aftercooler bundles, leak-free lubrication system and more.

J Howard and James Bristow at the Hanwha Power Systems booth (left to right). 


After recently announcing the expansion of its headquarters in Loxley, Alabama, Kaishan Compressors USA is launching the KROF two-stage oil-free range (air-cooled, VSD). At its core is an IEC TEFC IE3 premium efficiency IP55 motor, and oil-free airends with integrated motor adapter, proprietary rotor profile, PFTE coating on compression chambers and integrated oil pump and distribution. Other components include a hydraulically controlled inlet valve, pulsation dampeners and more. Models from 60 to 200-hp are available, with larger and smaller horsepower models in development.

Nate Haley, Brandon Dial and Chris Downs at the Kaishan Compressor USA booth (left to right). 


Containerized Systems

Airmatic Compressor Systems displayed the capabilities of its new Airmatic Containerized Solutions (ACS). The containerized units have custom capabilities for compressed air (up to 2,500 scfm), nitrogen (up to 1,700 scfm), oxygen (up to 7,000 scfh) and vacuum (up to 28 inHg) with complete air and gas treatment, storage and piping options. On display was a dual plant air and nitrogen plus booster system. The ACS is rated to withstand -40°F to 130°F weather and has 1.5” sound dampening insulation.

Trey Donze, Mark Steele, Jeremy Garfield, Tyler Morrell, Garett Springer, Will De Luca and William Vowteras at the Airmatic booth (left to right). 


All Weather Air is expanding distribution in the U.S. for its mobile compressed air system enclosures, tested in -40°F to 120°F conditions to withstand different climates across the country. Standard models range from 4.6’ x 8’ to 32’ x 8’ dimensions. Each unit comes standard with automated ventilation, lockable doors and secure windows, forklift pockets, 1” sound dampening insulation and more.

Ken Canella at the All Weather Air booth.


GlobalVac & Air’s Mobile Engineered Solutions bring the organization’s medical and industrial vacuum and air expertise into custom space-saving system packages. “We’re now building containerized systems for compressed air, nitrogen generation, oxygen generation, breathing air systems and more,” said Bob Littman. “We’re completely brand agnostic in everything we do.”

Scott Ripatrazone and Bob Littman at the GlobalVac & Air booth (left to right). 


Compressed Air Treatment, N2 Generation, Condensate and Monitoring

Altec AIR introduced the HBS Series single tower heat regenerative desiccant air dryer, for 0°F to 50°F outlet dew points. Equipped with a low watt density heater and an industrial duty blower, the HBS is designed for single-shift operations wanting a dew point of less than 1% RH (a refrigerated dryer provides approximately 30% RH at 100°F). Designed for 8 hours full-load duty cycle, it uses a blower to regenerate the bed during idle periods. Bob McKay, Account Manager at Altec AIR, is traveling the country proctoring EPA Section 608 exams to Refrigeration Certificated Technicians.

Jim DiMaiolo, Joe Rodenbucher, Robert Ruskaup, Dan Brown and Bob McKay at the Altec AIR booth (left to right). 


Aside from its multiple air treatment, condensate management and instrumentation technologies on display, BEKO Technologies showcased the QWIK-PURE CS oil-water separator with intelligent, flow-regulated control. The iCS line on display (four models, 401 to 3,300 scfm), is suitable for all lubricant types, and is IIoT ready with Wi-Fi, advanced Modbus, integrated alarms, cartridge life cycle status indicator and more. It’s a future-proof solution due to its modular expansion design. System service technicians and owners will benefit from patented quick disconnect cartridges and lightweight filling material for simple and clean servicing.

Brian Speed, Jason Hobbs and Russ Jones at the BEKO Technologies booth (left to right). 


Clean Resources has partnered with Powerflow Electronics to add an assortment of condensate drain technologies to the Clean Resources brand. On display was its electronic no-loss drain valve rated for 100% continuous duty from 90 to 6,750 scfm.

Chad Timmer and Bill Peters at the Clean Resources booth (left to right). 


CS Instruments displayed a sampling of its extensive compressed air instrumentation. The DP 500 and 510 mobile dewpoint meters are capable of precise dew point measurement down to -112°F for inspection of dryer performance and system auditing. The handheld units now have NPT disconnect, and an option for precise dew point readings up to 5,076 psi (725 psi standard).

Martin Zeller and Enrico Capetanis at the CS Instruments USA booth (left to right). 


HydroThrift is rolling out its Advanced Industrial Control Panel for seamless integration with process cooling and heating systems. It’s equipped with rigged touchscreen HMI, calibrated flow measurement, remote monitoring, preventative maintenance capabilities and much more. HydroThrift has an in-house UL508a certified control panel shop.

Keith Beatty and Paul Heston at the HydroThrift booth (left to right). 


JORC Industrial enhanced its KAPTIV-MD zero air loss condensate drain with a side inlet for improved compatibility with any component. In addition, its smaller SEPREMIUM oil-water separator now has replaceable elements rather than disposable ones.

Anthony Yacucci at the JORC Industrial booth.


KELTEC Technolab continues to expand its product offering. It now offers a full range of purge exhaust mufflers for air compressors and desiccant dryers. KELTEC also displayed its condensate management solutions, with water separators rated for 14 to 1,294 scfm, and multiple condensate drain and valve offerings.

Ed Kaiser Jr., Kevin Curle and Eddie Kaiser at the Keltec-Technolab booth (left to right). 


Mikropor is launching MNG-US-PRO Series PSA nitrogen generators with carbon molecular sieve adsorbent. Standard features include tanks, silencer, mini PLC, tank manometers, ECO mode, pressure transmitter, T filter, proportional valve, piston valves and valve control regulator. Options include pressure regulator for the N2 outlet, HMI color touch screen, oil indicator, kits for dew point, flow, oxygen and a 3-way bypass valve kit. Mikropor’s Mike Kinnucane can help customers find their ideal N2 purity levels from 95% to 99.999%. Mikropor also unveiled its own new MWOS oil/water separators.

Brad Cahoon, Mike Kinnucane, Patrick Lapalme, Jeff Crutchfield, Chris Wells, Allan Hoerner and Volkan Ayhan at the Mikropor booth (left to right). 


nano-purification solutions showed its new TMC Thermal Mass Cycling refrigerated air dryers rated for 30 to 635 scfm in 12 models, with plans to expand to 2,000 scfm next year. Stored glycol in the air-to-glycol exchanger allows for fast response time if demand increases suddenly. Refrigerants used are R-513A and R-410A.

Jane Sexton, Tony Hergert, Mark Lauterwasser, Rodrigo Vicentini and Jim Tomczyk at the nano booth (left to right). 


Solberg showcased a range of innovative filtration and silencing solutions for compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers. One of the highlights on display was the new 3/4" ST/CT series, a compact and efficient solution in the established line of particulate removal systems for vacuum pumps. This new size is engineered to offer high-performance filtration in a more accessible, space-saving format.

Clint Browning, Ryan Billings, Andy Spicer and Kevin Dumont at the Solberg booth (left to right). 


Walker Filtration is launching a range of hydrogen gas filters from 159 to 22,189 scfm, capable of particle removal down to 1 micron, and maximum working pressures up to 5,075 psig. Also displayed was its CondenSmart oil/water separators, condensate drains and compressed air, gas and vacuum filtration solutions.

Ben Laiweneek, Amy Oligeri and Simon Taylor at the Walker Filtration booth (left to right). 


Compressed Air Piping

AIGNEP Infinity aluminum pipe systems require no pipe grooving, and are designed for simple push and click fitting connection to drastically reduce installation time. Its smaller size fittings use nickel-plated brass and come with a 20-year warranty. Each fitting is 100% factory tested.

Chad Gooding (G3 Industrial Solutions), Dan Hastings, Kolby Hamilton (G3 Industrial Solutions) and Jason Dove at the AIGNEP Infinity booth (left to right). 


AIRpipe USA now offers up to 10” diameter sizes for both aluminum and stainless-steel piping. They are also launching a new line of value-priced stainless-steel piping.

Chad Hills, Darren Phillips, Jon Schwartzman, Michael Buis and Carrie Heffernan at the AIRpipe USA booth (left to right). 


The Applied System Technologies team was present displaying its Tru-Link aluminum pipe systems.

Todd Zarins, Josh Price, Bill Duffel and Herb Schupp at the Applied System Technologies booth (left to right). 


Unipipe Solutions is launching UnipipeEZ, featuring pipe lengths with factory-formed male and female ends. Pipe lengths join, then are secured with a stainless-steel double-bite clamp ring and all-aluminum hinged coupling, then locked together with one bolt. Size and material required of the all-aluminum hinged couplings have been reduced. Joe Koenig has been appointed as sales manager for the Northeast USA.

Derrick Taylor, Joe Koenig and Lance Frederick at the Unipipe Solutions booth (left to right).


The AICD conference format has an engaging agenda, aimed at helping senior management at air compressor sales and service companies better manage their businesses today and tomorrow. 

  • Robust Growth with Stubborn Inflation: Expect No Rate Cuts in 2024 – J. Robert Gillette University of Kentucky
  • From Accepting Change to Dictating Change – Tim Dixon
  • Social Commerce, Not Media – Kyle Lacy
  • The Underdog Hustle to Entrepreneurial Success – Justin Forsett


Mark your calendars for next year’s show, April 27 to 29, 2025, at the Omni Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.  

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