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Aggreko Launches Remote Dryer Dew Point Monitoring System

Aggreko, a world-leading provider of mobile, modular power, temperature control and energy services, announced the development of its new Dryer Dew Point Monitoring System for its Oil-Free Air Compressor product line. The system can remotely monitor a customer’s dryer dew point and operating status, cutting out the cost and time involved with sending site personnel to inspect the dryer and its performance.

Aggreko dryer monitoring system

Aggreko Dryer Dew Point Monitoring System.

The dew point: the temperature where water vapor condenses into liquid water, can be an issue for companies using oil-free air to operate their equipment or process. If the drying system is not monitored correctly, it can lead to moisture entering the machinery or product, causing damage and disruption to operations. Aggreko’s new development is a significant step forward for the industry, as it can offer real-time dryer performance, operation, and alarm notifications - without needing an engineer on the ground.

The 24/7 monitoring system enables customers to receive alerts and check that their dryer is running optimally and make any necessary adjustments that are required. On average the system can identify issues every five minutes, ensuring that any troubleshooting can be made as quickly as possible. Catching these issues early allows customers to save operating costs as well as preventing an impact on their bottom line.

Kenny Delahoussaye, Head of Technical Services and Engineering said, “The Dryer Dew Point Monitoring System is a unique offering from Aggreko and will significantly help customers monitor and operate their dryer’s dew-point levels, saving them time and money by making their operation more efficient.” Fernando Arce-Larreta, Head of Oil-Free Air said, “We’re already seeing the benefits of the system with it being in operation for several weeks and look forward to providing this service to more customers in the coming weeks and months.”

The remote monitoring element of this system builds on Aggreko’s existing remote operations, which are becoming increasingly important considering COVID-19, when limited feet on ground is essential for the safety of customers and colleagues.

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