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Atlas Copco Expands Rental Fleet with ZT 90 VSD

Atlas Copco Rental North America (Atlas Copco Rental) serves customers across a variety of industries by matching industry-specific rental demands with the ideal equipment and accessories for the job. The provider recently expanded its rental fleet by adding the legendary Atlas Copco ZT 90 VSD compressor, which was developed especially for applications demanding the highest levels of purity, such as pharmaceutical production, food processing and the production of critical electronics.

The Atlas Copco ZT 90 VSD

The Atlas Copco ZT 90 VSD offers certified, 100% oil-free air.

The ZT 90 VSD offers certified, 100% oil-free air. It was the first compressor to earn ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification, commonly referred to as simply “CLASS 0.”  CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination, zero risk of losses from operational downtime, and zero risk of damaging a company’s hard-won reputation.

“Re-engineered to run 24/7 and to deliver a wide range of volume flows, even in extreme weather conditions, the ZT 90 VSD is ideal for industrial manufacturing applications,” saidnMaggie Rios, VP of Marketing for Atlas Copco Rental. “Its reliability, easy installation and ready portability — along with its low power consumption, soft start and stable pressure — make it a solid addition to our rental fleet, and a great fit for a range of industrial applications.”

“The ZT 90 VSD offers a long list of attractive features for plant managers looking to fill temporary equipment needs and eliminate production downtimes,” said Jowell Olaivar, Product Manager, Oil-free Compressors at Atlas Copco Rental.“Among the many value-adds the ZT 90 VSD delivers are added reliability with its Nema 4-reinforced Elektronikon® enclosure, its electrical canopy that’s designed with an adaptive temperature control, its single-point-connection layout that ensures quick and easy installation, its high-performance crash frame for added durability, and its mobile chassis assembly, which allows for convenient maneuverability anywhere in the plant.

With the 24/7 support offered by Atlas Copco Rental, the ZT 90 VSD presents an attractive option for companies seeking emergency air, bridging lead times, dealing with demand fluctuation or working with projects under construction. 

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