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BOGE Announces New Refrigeration and Tandem Dryers

With the announcement of the new DS-2 and FRDA dryers, BOGE Kompressoren aims to set new standards in the process of removing water vapor from compressed air. The DS-2 refrigeration dryer works with energy savings of up to 30%, with higher flow capacity compared to prevailing market systems. For highly sensitive applications with pressure dew points between –70 °C and +3 °C BOGE now offers a tandem dryer for the first time. The FRDA (fridge desiccant adsorption dryer) combines the advantages of refrigeration and adsorption dryers. The pressure dew points can be selected flexibly. The FRDA can also be positioned in a small space due to the compact design of the machine. 


The new BOGE DS-2 Series refrigerated dryer features an integrated aluminum heat exchanger.


Compressed air dryers are essential for avoiding interruptions to operations or even production downtime due to water in the compressed air system and in the final application. For the majority of applications, the drying capacity of a refrigeration dryer with residual moisture content of up to 6 g/m3 is entirely adequate. The new DS-2 refrigeration dryer from BOGE also fulfils this requirement. The decisive competitive difference is in the efficient use of resources required of such systems. With the new fully integrated aluminum heat exchanger, power losses in the refrigeration cycle and the use of coolants are lowered. Combined with a reduction of power consumption of up to 30%, the overall operating costs of the BOGE DS-2 are extremely low. For optimum operation, the whole series has digital control including an isolated alarm contact. This gives an immediate alert if operating conditions such as the pressure dew points move into the critical range. Models from 2.6 m3/min. are available with an optional energy-saving function. This reduces the power consumption in partial load operation even further. Designed for 50 and 60 Hz, the new DS-2 refrigeration dryers are suitable for use worldwide. 


The new BOGE FRDA tandem dryer is a combined refrigeration and adsorption dryer.


For the Highest Hygiene Requirements

With the FRDA tandem dryer, BOGE includes a combined refrigeration and adsorption dryer in its product portfolio for the first time. The new technology completes the existing range of adsorption dryers. The FRDA is the optimum solution when consistent but variable pressure dew points between –70 °C and +3 °C are required. The combination of the two proven drying processes enables a high level of energy efficiency and flexibility. It is simple to switch between the pressure dew points of a refrigeration dryer and those of an adsorption dryer without hardware adjustments being required, by means of the tandem dryer control. The result is residual moisture of up to 0.003 g/m3, irrespective of seasonal temperature fluctuations. The FRDA tandem dryer is also distinguishable by its compact machine design. The technology is therefore suitable for container installations and where little space is available. In comparison with conventional adsorption dryers, not much maintenance is required. All in all, users of FRDA benefit from low overall running costs.


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