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CAGI Blower Section Announces New BL300 Blower Data Sheets

The Compressed Air and Gas Institute’s (CAGI) Blower Section has announced plans to make Blower Package Data Sheets available in the near future. The sheets are based on testing conducted according to the CAGI/PNEUROP BL 300 standard, Performance Test Code for Electric Driven Low Pressure Air Compressor Packages. BL300 is a new joint standard developed through cooperative work by US and European trade associations.  The CAGI/PNEUROP standard is designed to enable the collection and presentation of comprehensive and consistent performance data independent of blower technology.

John ConoverJohn Conover serves as the CAGI Blower Section Committee Chair.

In addition to the BL300  document, CAGI has established a standard means for manufacturers to report their machines' performance and efficiency in the form of data sheets. Blower Section Chair, John Conover, said “Members have committed to publishing data sheets for 75 hp, 100 hp, and 150 hp models in the second half of 2016.”

The data sheets will cover fixed and variable speed drive units for both positive displacement and dynamic blower technologies. These data sheets will be accessible via a link on the CAGI website under the "Performance Verification" tab. 

The joint standard enables the fair comparison of package performance on a level playing field. “BL 300 is a standard means of evaluating blowers which provides users with complete package performance data that was just not available before,” according to Chris Johnson, Executive Director of CAGI. “It includes a reference to ISO 1217, the standard for testing positive displacement blowers, and to BL 5389, the standard for testing turbo blowers.”


 Download data sheet.


The development of BL 300 was initiated at the request of the wastewater treatment industry; however, the standard was expanded to make it suitable for use with blowers in general industry and other applications. When blower packages are compared using BL 300 results, plant managers, engineers, and technical advisors can use CAGI datasheets to access the following performance information:

  • Blower Data: This lists manufacturer-provided information such as rated operating pressure, rated capacity at rated operating pressure, drive motor nameplate rating, and compressor rated speed.
  • Performance Table: A performance table shows delivered airflow for a range of discharge pressures.
  • Package Performance Chart: This type of chart plots performance curves for specific power across a range of capacities.
  • Test Summary Report: The test summary report provides a range of as-tested values, specified/guaranteed conditions, data corrected to specified conditions, and a comparison to guarantee.

A consulting engineer can use this information to evaluate whether positive displacement or dynamic blower technology makes better economic sense given the plant’s process design and the variability of demand for air. This can lead to more confident recommendations.


About the CAGI Blower Section

The Compressed Air and Gas Institute Blower Section includes rotary positive displacement blowers and centrifugal blowers in air or gas applications developing up to 28” Hg vacuum or up to 30 psig discharge pressure.

CAGI Blower Section Members:

• Atlas Copco Compressors

• Howden Roots

• Kaeser Compressors

• Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

• Gardner Denver

• Ingersoll Rand

• Sulzer Pump Solutions






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