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CAGI Launches Personnel Certification Program “Certified Compressed Air System Specialist”

The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) has officially launched its new Certified Compressed Air System Specialist (CCASS) program. The program provides a means of verifying the capabilities of professionals in the compressed air systems industry. The program will allow customers, utilities, employers, and others to have confidence in the skills and abilities of the professionals in the industry who design, service, sell, and install compressed air systems and compressed air systems equipment.

“CAGI believes the certification program will raise the credibility and confidence in the industry and help qualified individuals differentiate themselves as certified compressed air professionals,” said Wayne Perry, chair of CAGI’s System Assessment Section. 

CAGI Certification Logo

Information on the program and the registration process can be obtained from CAGI’s website: A Certified Personnel Directory of compressed air professionals who have passed the exam and now possess the CCASS designation can be downloaded from the website as well.

Coming soon will be a program for Certified Compressed Air System Assessors (CCASA). This program will be for compressed air system assessors (those who perform assessments or “audits” of compressed air systems) and will provide a means of verifying an assessor’s understanding of and ability to apply the industry’s audit standards.

For more than 100 years, the Compressed Air and Gas Institute has been the leading source on all matters related to compressed air. As the united voice of the industry, CAGI’s activities include the development and organization of educational material including compressed air system training programs to benefit the users of compressed air systems. For more information visit or email: