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CS Instruments North Moves to New Location

CS Instruments is pleased to announce that they continue to grow. This steady growth also creates site-specific challenges from time to time. One of them was their previous office in the North of Germany that has become too small and was “bursting at the seams.”  So, they had to find a solution. Shall they rent some additional rooms, or shall they outsource some departments? Finally, the decision was made: They will invest in the Northern office and in the future by planning a completely new company building. This decision enables them to look forward to the future challenges in a more economic and energy-efficient way.

CS Instruments North Germany Office

CS Instruments North Germany Office.

Now - after one-year construction time - they are ready to move to their new company building in Harrislee with a space of 2300 m². The building was raised according to KfW Effizienzhaus 55 (= Development Loan Corporation Efficiency House 55) Standard, a 99 kWp photovoltaic system on the company’s roof provides the building with sustainable electricity.

You will find them at the following address:

CS Instruments GmbH & Co KG, Gewerbehof 14, 24955 Harrislee, Germany

The phone and fax number as well as your contact persons will of course stay the same.

They are very proud of their new company building and they are looking forward to welcome you in their new office rooms at the next opportunity.


About CS Instruments

For years CS Instruments has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of measuring technology for compressed air and gases. Our long-term experience in production, supply and drying of compressed air contributes to research, development and production of innovative portable and stationary measuring instruments.  For more information, visit