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DV Systems Industrial Air Compressors Now Made in the U.S.A.

DV Systems is excited to announce production of their legendary HDI Series reciprocating heavy-duty industrial air compressors has begun in the U.S.A. These heavy-duty air compressors are the real thing, built with pressure lubricated, 100% cast-iron pumps, designed for an 80% duty-cycle. These air compressors are truly built for the demands of industrial environments. 


DV Systems - Built in the USA

Production of heavy-duty industrial air compressors from DV Systems has begun in the U.S.A.


The HDI Series is equipped with 2-Stage, 2-cylinder (247) or 4-cylinder (447) cast-iron compressor pumps powered by premium-efficiency North American made open drip proof (ODP) motors. These provide reliable, high duty-cycle operation. The HDI Series covers flows from 19.8 to 99.9 scfm at 145 psi, and horsepower from 5 hp to 30 hp.

The heavily weighted cast iron pumps and Low RPM enhance heat dissipation. Balanced crankshafts and precision ground journals, combined with heavy-duty ball-type main bearings, provide smooth free-running operation. Pressure lubrication ensures oil is delivered to journal bearings and all necessary components, minimizing oil carry-over and friction. The HDI Series is available in both Simplex and Duplex configurations.


About DV Systems

DV Systems is a designer of high-performance, high efficiency compressed air systems. We have been engineering and manufacturing industrial air compressors since 1954 and our commitment to a culture of innovation dates back 125+ years. Our objective is to provide reliable, innovative products and compressed air system solutions, strengthened by a commitment to exceptional customer service. DV Systems Ltd. is located in Mooresville, North Carolina and offers compressed air system solutions across the United States of America. 

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