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E+E Elektronik Expands Application Range for EE741 Flow Meter

The thermal flow meter EE741 measures the consumption of compressed air and technical gases. It consists of the transmitter unit and a stainless steel or aluminum gauge mounting block. Up to now the transmitter could be combined with mounting blocks for DN15 (1/2”), DN20 (3/4”) and DN25 (1”) piping. With the additional gauge mounting blocks, the EE741 can now be also employed in DN32 (1 1/4"), DN40 (1 1/2") and DN50 (2”) piping.

E+E Electronik EE741

EE741 now also available for DN32, DN40 and DN50.


Easy Installation and Removal

The modular design enables precise and reproducible positioning of the transmitter in pipe networks with operating pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi). Once the gauge mounting block is built into the pipeline, the transmitter can be easily installed and removed without disassembling the pipework. This is particularly useful for periodical calibration. The robust stainless-steel sensing head protects the sensing element against mechanical damage during installation or removal. 

Highly Accurate Thermal Measuring Principle
The thermal hot-film anemometer principle is largely insensitive to contamination and eliminates the need for additional pressure or temperature compensation. Outstanding measuring accuracy, even in the lower measuring range, is achieved by the application-specific multi-point factory adjustment at 7 bar (102 psi). This allows precise leak detection and the consequent energy savings. 

Further Features and Options:

  • LC display for comfortable operation
  • Configuration via display or USB service interface
  • Integrated consumption meter
  • Analogue, pulse and switch output
  • Modbus RTU and M-Bus interface


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