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Emerson Introduces AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensor Monitor

The AVENTICS Series AF2 flow sensor monitors air consumption in pneumatic systems, enabling fast action in case leaks are detected. It will issue alerts when the leakage rate exceeds a predetermined value, so leaks can be diagnosed early and addressed before they become a major issue. By giving customers actionable insights on machine data such as flow, pressure and temperature, the AF2 helps to optimize energy consumption, prevent machine downtime and reduce costs. The AF2 is a highly flexible flow sensor that can be directly interpreted by many controllers, and offers multiple communications options, including an IO-Link connection, Ethernet connectivity, OPC-UA server, MQTT communication and on-board webserver. The sensor can be fitted on new installations and its seamless IoT integration makes it perfect for retrofitting existing machines.


AVENTICS Series AF2 flow sensor

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