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Festo E2M Module Now Compatible with PROFINET

First introduced in 2015, the MSE6-E2M (E2M) intelligent service unit is now compatible with Ethernet/IP and PROFINET communication protocols – significantly expanding potential applications in North America. E2M units can pay for themselves in less than a year with the energy savings accrued.

festomse6eFesto’s MSE6-E2M module automatically monitors compressed air consumption and can alert plant personnel to system leaks.

The E2M automatically shuts off the air supply to a machine when in standby mode, reducing energy consumption. E2M performs typical monitoring functions, making system pressure and flow information available in real time. This enables faster response to compressed air leaks.

The E2M features a solenoid valve integrated with a pressure and a flow sensor in one compact package. These units flow up to 5,000 liters of compressed air per minute. The units are easily programmed and can quickly connect to Festo MS series air preparation units.


Automatic Standby Mode to Save Energy

Based on user-defined parameters, the E2M module detects when a machine is idle and automatically shuts off the air supply. When the unit receives a startup signal from an operator, the E2M resupplies compressed air. In the case of a particularly complex production process, automatic standby detection can be deactivated in favor of manual operation.


Automatic Leakage Detection

The E2M unit detects when there is a pressure drop greater than a predefined value and sends an alert about a possible leak. Higher than anticipated air flow during production also indicates possible leakage and triggers an alert. Eliminating leaks not only saves energy, it also brings the compressed air system back to specification, ensuring quality operation of the machine, optimum throughput and higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


A Wealth of Data and Industry 4.0 (IoT)

The E2M actively monitors the condition of the pneumatic system in real time. This feature gives plant operations personnel access to up-to-the-minute process-related data as well as comparative data over time. Values for flow rate, air consumption and pressure are continuously available. Data can help personnel determine historical trends on consumption, the amount of air consumed per product batch, and pressure and flow at the time of a malfunction or bad batch of product.  Two common themed areas of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are condition monitoring and energy efficiency; the Festo E2M addresses both. The E2M module is suitable for new machines and as an easy retrofit to existing machines.


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