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Gardner Denver Introduces the Intelli-PAK Oil/Water Separator

Gardner Denver is pleased to announce the launch of our latest oil/water separator line, the Intelli-PAK. This oil/water separator has been engineered to provide the most effective and user-friendly oil/water separator on the market. The simplicity of the unit's maintenance and clean-up is due to the fact that the cartridge utilizes smart technology connections. Once disconnected, the internal valves close allowing for a quick and mess free replacement. When the cartridge is full, simply dispose of the cartridge in accordance with local regulations.

The Gardner Denver Intelli-PAK oil/water separator

The Gardner Denver Intelli-PAK oil/water separator.

Unlike some of the alternative oil-water separators on the market, Intelli-Pak units have no need for expensive pumps, sensors or pre-separation filters. Additionally, the design of the Intelli-Pak cabinet offers an internal diffusing system allowing pressurized drain lines from the compressed air system to be plumbed directly into the unit eliminating the need for customized manifolds to be fabricated in the field. For more information, visit


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