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Gardner Denver Introduces the RPC Series Energy Saving Air Dryer Line

Gardner Denver is pleased to announce the launch of the RPC Series Energy Saving Air Dryer line. Because energy costs continue to escalate globally, the need is greater than ever to deliver sustainable air treatment with increased productivity and energy savings. The RPC Series has accomplished both!

 Gardner Denver RPC Series Energy Saving Air Dryer line

Gardner Denver RPC Series Energy Saving Air Dryer line. 

Utilizing the latest advancements in heat transfer technology, RPC Series refrigerated dryers offer an innovative approach to efficiently remove liquid contamination from compressed air. The RPC comes standard with an ESS (Energy Saving System) that is capable of transferring heat energy through a change of state. During the thermal change process, the media’s temperature remains constant – known as latent heat transfer. The state of the media is monitored by a temperature probe that automatically engages the refrigeration compressor to power on or off according to varying inlet load profiles. Because the ESS is capable of storing and releasing heat energy without a change in temperature, the refrigerant compressor cycles less frequently and saves energy.

RPC series refrigerated air dryers economically dry compressed air to ISO 8573 -1 Air Quality Class 4 - 5 (37°F - 45°F) pressure dew point. At full load, the RPC operates continuously as a non-cycling dryer, and at reduced loads, the compressor cycles on and off in direct proportion to load on the dryer, reducing operating costs. The dryer may be employed in traditional non-cycling (continuous duty) and cycling (fluctuation load) applications.

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