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Gardner Denver Unveils Hydrovane TX02 Transit Compressor

Gardner Denver has unveiled its new Hydrovane TX02 transit compressor, ideally suited to meet the demands of the latest hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) and fully electric vehicles (FEVs) for weight, size, noise, energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Gardner Denver’s Hydrovane TX02

Gardner Denver’s Hydrovane TX02 transit compressor.

Available from the company’s Hydrovane brand, the new TX02 transit compressor is quiet, compact and reliable, complementing the newest commercial HEVs and FEVs being deployed to help reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution. The new transit compressor also delivers an optimized weight-to-air output ratio, therefore providing a lightweight and efficient solution.

With vehicle manufacturers under increasing pressure from commercial operators to develop more environmentally friendly solutions, the Hydrovane TX02 transit compressor has been designed following the end of the European ECOCHAMPS initiative. A consortium of 26 partners, the project aimed to develop efficient, compact, low weight, robust and cost-effective hybrid powertrains for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Compressed air is a critical element in pneumatic braking systems, door operations and suspension in larger commercial vehicles, as well as kneeling systems for buses. According to Gardner Denver, many of the compressors on the market today are based on older technology, which is heavier and noisier, plus reliant on a larger capacity cooling system. It said this can result in additional costs when compared with its new solution, which is lighter and incorporates a modular cooling system.

The new transit compressor, which uses new optimized rotary vane technology, can be customized to meet individual vehicle requirements. Available in high- and low-voltage configurations, the TX02 unit is capable of running at variable speeds up to 3,000 rpm, with a pressure range of 100 - 200 psig, and volume flow up to 16 cfm, depending on the model selected. As a result, vehicle manufacturers can select a solution that meets their exact needs.

Driven directly and compact, the TX02 transit compressor has been designed with easy vehicle integration in mind. Offering an air end weight of just 48 pounds, and a total package weight of less than 77 pounds, it also offers market leading noise and vibration characteristics, meaning it can be located anywhere on the vehicle without impacting the passenger or driver environment.

Mike Foster, Transit Market Sector Manager at Gardner Denver, explains: “Driven by our market knowledge and insight into future customer needs, we are extremely excited to launch this revolutionary new rotary vane technology that solves so many of the challenges faced by commercial vehicle operators and manufacturers.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside the 26 partners involved in the European ECOCHAMPS project, to develop a solution that improves performance, comfort, safety and emission levels for the truck and bus industry. Having undergone rigorous testing, operators can be assured they are investing in a compressor technology that is built to last, offering unrivalled performance.

It’s an exciting time for the HEV and FEV market, and we are thrilled to be playing a vital role in improving the environmental performance of the commercial vehicles on our roads. Coupled with its efficiency and low noise level capabilities, the TX02 can deliver reliable performance, hour after hour and mile after mile.”

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