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GfG Instrumentation Introduces RAM 4021 Respiratory Airline Monitor

The RAM 4021 supplied air monitor is designed to monitor for carbon monoxide in compressor supplied breathing air applications.

RAM 4021 Respiratory Airline Monitor

RAM 4021 Respiratory Airline Monitor meets all OSHA Standards for both Grade D & E respiratory air.

The monitor meets all OSHA standards for both Grade D & E respiratory air. The unit incorporates an accurate and reliable chemical cell sensor, liquid crystal display and a programmable alarm system. The unique AutoCal feature permits the unit to automatically self-calibrate when test gas is applied, thus eliminating any adjustment controls. An optional high-pressure regulator is available for cascade systems and SCBA tank filling stations allowing inlet pressures to 5,000 psi. An oxygen cell can also be added if oxygen monitoring is required. Also available with dew point sensors in combination with the CO sensor. CSA Certified models are available.


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