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Hycomp Introduces the New DSi Easy-Install

The Odyssey DSi Easy-Install greatly reduces the potential for installation errors and incorrect component selection by providing the user with everything needed to ensure a turnkey booster installation. Included is the plumbing and wiring to connect the suction and discharge to an existing Hycomp booster. Inclusion of Hycomp recommended components, pre-assembled and tested at our manufacturing facility, ensures a bulletproof installation solution at a lower cost.

Hycomp DSI 

Hycomp’s DSi Easy-Install with Odyssey DS060.

The innovative recycle line featured in the DSi Easy-Install is used to recirculate excess compressed gas back through the booster. This results in fewer load/unload cycles, which extends the life of the booster. Recirculation of excess gas also eliminates the need for large and expensive storage vessels, giving the user a better value on cost and on the space used in their facility.

The DSi Easy-Install provides protection of equipment with Hycomp specified filters. Inclusion of a pulsation rated inlet filter provides an extra barrier between supplied air or gas and the Hycomp booster. Limiting the amount of debris entering the booster reduces wear and tear on internal components and results in lowered maintenance costs. The included discharge filter provides added protection to the user’s downstream equipment.

The addition of the DSi is just a small portion of the add-ons offered within the Odyssey product line. Other add-ons offered include moisture separators, panel upgrades, cold weather packages, voltage conversions, and more. This add-on may also be customized to fit non-Odyssey Hycomp products. Please contact Hycomp for more information about the Odyssey DSi Easy-Install.


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