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Kaeser Improves VFD Efficiency with New Motor Design

Kaeser Compressors' latest series of 30 hp and 40 hp variable frequency drive compressors now features a new synchronous reluctance motor for improved efficiency during part load operation.

Kaeser A-ASD-SFC Motor

Kaeser's latest VFD models feature a SynRM motor for improved part load efficiency.

This new design underscores Kaeser's continued commitment to sustainability and energy efficient system design. The motors do not use aluminum, copper or expensive rare earth magnets in the rotors. Instead, they are made of electrical steel and feature a special profile. The unique rotor design means these motors can run at higher speeds without additional rotor warming. This increases bearing life and reduces maintenance costs.

The motors were developed in partnership with Siemens, and are designed to work with the Siemens drive technology used in Kaeser's Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) models. The drive features a specially developed control algorithm for powerful performance delivering maximum energy savings.


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