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New CS-Instruments LD 500 Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Camera

CS-Instruments GmbH, with a North American Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is introducing the new LD 500 ultrasonic leak detector with an integrated camera, leakage calculation and optional Leak Reporter Software.   

CS Instruments LD 500

The new CS-Instruments LD 500 ultrasonic leak detector with an integrated camera.


The optional Leak Reporter Software easily locates and documents small leaks at far distances.

The LD 500 can be upgraded to the LD510 with an additional freely assignable sensor input for use with all CS sensors. In addition to compressed air leak detection, it also can measure and document dew point, flow, pressure and temperature.

Special features of Ultrasonic Leak Detector LD 500/510

  • Find out leak size (cfm) and potential savings ($/year)
  • Find the smallest of leaks – even at far distances
  • Photograph the location leaking parts and import into the Leak Reporter Software
  • Describe the leak and necessary actions
  • Auto level adapts the sensitivity automatically to the environment and eliminates ambient noise reliably
  • Transmit the leak details via USB to your desktop software
  • Create an ISO 50001 report
  • One charge last for 9 hours!

For more information contact CS Instruments via email at:, tel: 616-828-1024 or visit