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New Gardner Denver EnviroAire S Scroll Air Compressors

With the launch of the EnviroAire S scroll air compressor range, Gardner Denver has further extended its PureAir range of oil-free air compressors, now catering to application requirements in the 4 kW to 15 kW range.

Air purity is crucial in a variety of industries, ranging from food production and pharmaceuticals, to electronics and biotechnology. With its compact design and low noise operation, the EnviroAire S series of air compressors is ideally suited to ensure full protection from contamination and meet the demands of sensitive environments such as laboratories and hospitals.


The EnviroAire S series Duplex units are available in a range of sizes, starting at 7kW.


Compact, Modular and Application-Oriented

The EnviroAire S series provides continuous, reliable, low-maintenance operation to meet a variety of flexible compressed air demands. Available in a range of kW sizes, starting at 4 kW for Simplex units, and 7 kW for Duplex units, the EnviroAire S series is capable of delivering a volume flow between 23.6 to 106 m³/hr at 8 bar, and 21.2 to 82.6 m³/hr at 10 bar.


Control and Monitoring at Your Fingertips

The EnviroAire S series can also be installed with the optional Deluxe HMI control panel. With an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface the Deluxe HMI control panel provides users with real-time information such as system runtime meters, maintenance timers, and discharge pressure/temperature statistics. An integrated web server utilizes Modbus TCP over Ethernet, allowing users to monitor EnviroAire S units from any internet-connected computer, smartphone or mobile device. More information is available at:


About the Gardener Denver Industrials Group

Gardner Denver Industrials Group delivers the broadest range of air compressors and vacuum products, in a wide array of technologies, to end-user and OEM customers worldwide in the industries it serves. The Group provides reliable and energy-efficient equipment meant for work in a multitude of manufacturing and process applications. Products, ranging from versatile low- to high-pressure air compressors to customized blowers and vacuum pumps, serve industries including general manufacturing, automotive, and wastewater treatment, as well as food & beverage, plastics and power generation. The group’s global offering also includes a comprehensive suite of aftermarket services to complement its products.


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