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New VPStudio 2.4 Software for All VPFlowScopes

VPInstruments announced the release of their new VPStudio 2.4 software.  VPStudio 2.4 is compatible with all VPFlowScope flow meters and can be used for their entire product line:  VPFlowScope M, VPFlowScope Probe, DP, In-line flow meters and the VPFlowTerminal. The software can be used for the configuration of your flow meter, to download data log sessions and export them to CSV.

 VPStudio 2.4

VPStudio 2.4 is compatible with all VPFlowScope flow meters.

VPStudio 2.4 has the benefits of auto detection, a universal interface and better protected and more organized data files.  The device meter can be connected via USB, or via the USB to RS485 converter, and it will be connected automatically.  The configuration interface is simplified and identical for all flow meters.  The software’s interface is more intuitive and easier to understand. Data log files are retrieved from your flow meter and safely stored in in the projects database module within the software. This way your data files are better protected, more organized and available even when your flow meter is not connected.

The VPFlowScope product line provides a complete solution for compressed air flow measurement. It covers the entire compressed air system. Thanks to the built-in pressure sensor and temperature sensor, it is a powerful tool to detect what is really going on in your system. Detect excessive consumption, pressure losses, and temperature issues at the same time. Use if for compressor performance measurement, cost allocation and condition monitoring of pneumatic machines. Thanks to the bi-directional sensitivity, it is able to measure in compressed air ring networks.


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VPInstruments offers industrial customers easy insight into energy flows. We believe that industrial energy monitoring should be easy and effortless, to enable insight, savings and optimization. VPInstruments’ flow meters are calibrated on state-of-the-art calibration facility. Our calibration equipment is maintained under our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is traceable to National Standards.  Let us open your eyes and start saving energy.  For more information, visit