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Omega Air Introduces N-GEN Nitrogen Generators

The new N-GEN ASME series of Nitrogen Generators from Omega Air delivers up to 450 cfm and 99.999% purity, with a single unit and has proven its reliability over the years on the market. This series is designed to deliver stable high-purity nitrogen, 24/7, for any kind of application or operating condition and environment.

OMEGA Nitrogen generator

Omega Air's N-GEN 250 ASME Nitrogen Generator. 

The new PSA generators are built with reliable components (filters, skid, columns from their own CNC machines and welding shop, Siemens controller and touchscreen interface), with a real attention for their robustness and lifetime (dynamic load calculated for minimum 2 million cycles, extremely long lifetime angle-seated valves), which makes the generators almost maintenance-free for up to 10 years. The expertise does not stop here, as Omega Air can propose different ways to save energy (stand-by mode, purity control mode, etc), according to the exact data of your application.

The generators are ASME certified and stamped (including safety valves) with NPT connexions, 115V/60Hz power supply and UL listed components. They can also, upon request, manufacture under many different certifications (such as CRN/CSA, ATEX, PED, etc), designs, voltages and frequencies.


About Omega Air

Omega Air is a recognized player on the air and gas treatment market, thanks to our two manufacturing plants, our large R&D department and, above all, our goal to deliver quality and energy efficient solutions to our customers all over the world. Apart from our PSA generators, we also manufacture membrane solutions, desiccant dryers for any type of gas, refrigerated dryers, filters and separators. Do not hesitate to contact us for any challenge you might face involving compressed gas treatment. For more information, visit