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Parker Unveils SPE Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Designed to handle compressed air flow rates from 10 – 250 scfm, the new SPE Series of compressed air refrigerated dryers combines quality and efficiency in a reliable design, offering performance in accordance with ISO8573-1, industry-leading low operating costs, and one of the smallest carbon footprints currently available.

Parker SPE Series Refrigerated Dryer

Parker SPE Series Refrigerated Dryer.

The SPE was developed around a state-of-the-art aluminum heat exchanger, called the E-Pack, with a patent pending all-in-one design. The E-Pack was designed to deliver industry-leading low pressure drop and utilizes a smaller volume of refrigerant than other comparable dryers. This makes Parker’s SPE Series dryers the solution with the lowest running costs and smallest impact on the environment.

All SPE models are equipped with a digital controller, dewpoint indication, performance alarms and warnings, voltage free alarm contact, maintenance reminder and integrated time-controlled condensate drain. Easy to remove panels and a drain niche with access from both sides makes maintenance of SPE dryers easy.

SPE models 75 scfm and larger are available with cycling operation, an energy saving feature. This optional feature saves users additional energy during times of partial load by cycling the dryer’s compressor activity and using the cold reserve stored in the E-Pack mass to cool the inlet air. The SPE combines industry leading quality, performance and efficiency making it the superior choice for any low to medium flow compressed air treatment application.


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