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S4A Software from SUTO iTEC Now Free

SUTO iTEC announced that, from now on, the S4A Data Analysis software is available for free download, and you do not need to register the software anymore. 

Suto iTEC software 

With the free S4A, more users can have easy and convenient access to files that are recorded by the SUTO data loggers such as the S331, S551 Display and Data logger products and the data loggers integrated in the S418 and S505.

The S4A Software enables you to:

  • Read and download data from all our logging devices
  • Download saved screenshots form all our logging devices
  • Download and access to the logger devices via Ethernet
  • Remotely monitor a single S331 on live measured values via Ethernet
  • Save and export log files into different file formats
  • Quickly and simply analyze the data using the efficient graph view
  • Add alarm thresholds to the graph for easier analysis

Offering the S4A Software for free and without registration is the right step to achieve a system-wide integration of SUTO data loggers into industrial applications, providing end users the best experience possible.

To access the free S4A software, visit



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