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Sauer Compressors Meets Compressed Air Demands Aboard Ships

At this year’s SMM, the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry (taking place September 4-7 in Hamburg, Germany), Sauer Compressors will showcase its entire range of compressors. The solutions meet all compressed air requirements on ships, ranging from starting and working air to SCR-systems for exhaust gas purification. A new state-of-the-art compressor control and various accessories round out the manufacturer’s impressive line-up. 

Sauer Levante

The 3-stage starting-air compressor Levante WP460L Marine comes with a fill-up capacity of up to 460 m³/h at a pressure of 30 bar. © Sauer Compressors

Purpose-made starting-air compressor

As Sauer Compressors’ latest machine exclusively developed for commercial shipping, the Levante series has quickly established itself as a go-to for the maritime industry. In its latest incarnation, the 3-stage air-cooled compressor comes with a fill-up capacity of up to 460 m³/h at a pressure of 30 bar. Due to its robust and compact construction, the low-maintenance compressor can fit into any engine room without taking up much valuable space. To improve inter-cooling efficiency, the air flow has been optimised by installing a newly developed cube-cooler between the motor and the compressor – enabling the recooling temperatures to be reduced by a third. For maximum usability and comfort, the Levante comes with an integrated gauge panel and an operator-friendly HMI.

Maximum performance

Same as the Levante series, the 3-stage air-cooled Passat range is known for its exceptional durability in even the most demanding operating conditions. With filling capacities of up to 270 m³/h, the Passat is situated slightly below the Levante. Dividing the compression process into three stages notably decreases operating temperatures. This results in significantly lower maintenance costs and improved reliability.

New control generation for highest demands

The new MLC 4.0 presents a new high-end addition to Sauer Compressors’ range of controls. With its 7” touchscreen and its intuitive operation it provides excellent usability. Given its easy integration into higher-level systems, the new control enables the high connectivity required to meet the demands of tomorrow’s vessels.

Oil-free solutions for all gas applications

With the integration of the Swiss HAUG Kompressoren AG, Sauer Compressors has extended its portfolio to include a wide range of hermetically gas-tight and oil-free compressors up to 30 kW. Owing to these properties, HAUG Sauer compressors can be used to compress virtually any gas, including boil-off gas in shipping. Even in operations with long standstills, frequent interruptions and cold starts, these compressors operate with maximum reliability.

Efficient exhaust gas purification

Exhaust gas purification is crucial. To supply state-of-the-art SCR systems for the reduction of nitrogen oxides with compressed air, the new Sauer SC85 and SC99 screw compressors deliver a volume flow of up to 700 m³/h with a maximum power of 99 kW.


Sauer Compressors is a medium-sized German group of companies with twelve international subsidiaries. The company was founded more than 130 years ago, and has over 80 years' experience in compressed air technology. Today, it focusses on the development, production and sale of medium- and high-pressure compressors for applications in the naval marine, commercial shipping, industrial and petro industry sectors. Its modern reciprocating compressors for the compression of air and a wide range of gases reach pressures of 20 to 500 bar.g. It offers customised solutions for individual customers, OEMs and companies that operate on a global stage. With a global network of partners and representatives, Sauer maintains close proximity to its customers. By enhancing its range of compressors with high-quality accessories, engineering services, installation and service concepts, Sauer can offer end-to-end system solutions and compressed air modules, including complete turnkey installations. For more information, visit