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STELSEP Introduces New Polyglycol Capable Oil Water Separators


Stelsep oil water separators

STELSEP’s new oil water separators target both free-floating and dissolved PAG residues.

STELSEP Introduced the new polyglycol (PAG)-capable oil water separators.  With a range from 150 CFM to 7000 CFM, STELSEP separators perform on the widest range of compressor oils (PolyAlkylene Glycol, PAO, esters, diesters, mineral, etc) with outlet performance that can better 99.9995% purity.

Modern air compressors demand high-tech lubrication to protect components and extend maintenance periods. PolyAlkylene Glycol (PAG) lubricants have evolved to meet these complex requirements, but their use brings additional challenges to downstream processes such as condensate management.

PAGs are usually hygroscopic. Though their hydrolytic stability will vary according to composition, solubility will affect the capacity of normal oil/water separators to purify condensate to the same extent that they remove other lubricants. STELSEP’s new generation of PAG-specific condensate management systems provides the answer. Our standard separator bodies (from 150 to 7000 cfm) contain new hybrid technology targeted at both free-floating and entrained/dissolved PAG residues.

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