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Sullair Announces OFD1550 Oil Free Portable Compressor

Sullair, an industry leader in innovative compressed air solutions since 1965, announced its new OFD1550 Oil Free Portable Air Compressor at The Rental Show. The OFD1550 represents the latest solution in the ever-expanding Sullair oil free portfolio. As more customers seek options for sensitive compressed air needs – including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics and more –products are needed for dedicated oil free plant air and back-up oil free air. 

Sullair OFD1550

The Sullair OFD1550 provides 1,550 cfm of Class 0 oil free air per ISO 8573-1 at 125 psi.


“The OFD1550 fills a strong customer need,” according to Russell Warner, Sullair’s VP rental & infrastructure sales. “With Sullair’s growing focus in oil free air, having options to provide back-up plant air is critical. This compressor fits that growing need – providing a solution for our distributors and rental customers to satisfy more of their customer demands.”

“Compressors designed for back-up plant air must stand up to the rigors of continuous operation,” according to Friedmar Rumpel, Sullair’s global VP of product and program management. “In designing this product no detail was too small to maximize reliable and durable performance. The engineering completed on the OFD has resulted in a truly innovative air flow package design to provide optimal performance and cooling under various load and ambient situations.”

The Sullair OFD1550 is assembled in the U.S.A., and provides 1,550 cfm of Class 0 oil free air per ISO 8573-1 at 125 psi. Providing the power behind the unit is a powerful tier 4 final diesel end. The Sullair oil-free air end includes rotors specifically designed for oil free operation and coated with FDA-approved food-grade PTFE to help resist corrosion and extend air end life. 

Additionally, the OFD1550 is packed with features to help ensure versatile operations and maximum uptime, including:

  • Full color seven-inch Sullair Touch Screen controller providing all compressor and engine operation data at the touch of a finger.
  • Sullair AirLinx® remote monitoring and telematics.
  • Refinery Package – including 110% fluid containment, anti-static belt, non-metallic fan and engine air shut-off valve.
  • Cold Weather Package – allowing operation at temperatures as low as -20 °F (-29 °C).


About Sullair

Since 1965, Sullair has developed and manufactured air compressors with proven reliability and wear-free durability.  Sullair is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of air compressors for use in manufacturing, oil and gas operations, food processing, construction and more.  The Sullair compressor line includes oil flooded rotary screw compressors as well as oil free compressors including rotary screw, scroll and centrifugal options.  Sullair also offers a complete line of construction air tools, compressed air treatment equipment and vacuum systems.  Customers around the world keep their compressors running optimally with a full line of aftermarket parts, fluids and services. Sullair has manufacturing capabilities in Michigan City, Indiana; and Shenzhen and Suzhou, China; as well as a JV (IHI-Sullair) based in Suzhou.  For more information, visit  Sullair is A Hitachi Group Company. 

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