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Tsunami Releases New Pure-5 Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, a division of Suburban Manufacturing Group, has released the new Pure-5 Regenerative Dryer. The heatless air dryer uses Tsunami’s industry leading pre-filtration and high-grade molecular sieve desiccant to remove liquids, oils and vapors from equipment and applications up to 17 cfm.

Tsunami Pure-5 Dryer 


The Pure-5 Regenerative Dryer from Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions.

“We’re always proud to deliver on trending industry needs where today’s pneumatically powered applications require the consistency and performance that regenerative technology offers,” said Troy Robins, Product Portfolio Manager for Tsunami. “The compact design allows us to go into almost any environment, at a great price point, and place dryers directly on the application; eliminating the need for manual change desiccant pots and membrane dryers.” Tsunami regenerative dryers come standard with automatic drains and self-regenerated desiccant canisters, supply dew points down to -80 °F and relative Humidity down to .01%.


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