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Compressed Air Purification Focus Area at Best Practices 2022 EXPO & Conference


Emphasis will be on Quality Management System Design for Safe and Contaminant-Free Compressed Air

Without the proper purification equipment, maintenance practices and monitoring/verification processes, compressed air can bring moisture, oil, particulates and microorganisms into direct and indirect contact with food products, product packaging and countless production processes. Product hygiene and customer safety can be impacted and production downtime can rapidly escalate. For this reason, a significant Focus Area, at the Best Practices 2022 EXPO & Conference, is “Quality Management System Design for Safe and Contaminant-Free Compressed Air.”

The Conference, featuring experts from leading compressed air purification equipment manufacturers and system auditors, will educate on how to establish a compressed air purity specification, what equipment is needed and at what energy cost.  Experts in maintenance and monitoring will detail the preventative maintenance practices and monitoring systems (with recommended measurement instruments and alarms) for a quality management system incorporating safe and contaminant-free compressed air.

The Opening & Plenary Sessions will include the following expert speeches on this topic.

  1. Multi-Factory Remote Control & Monitoring of Chilled Water and Compressed Air System Performance, Dean Smith, Manager of Auditing & System Design, iZ Systems
  2. Reliable Compressed Air Quality & Verification, John Bilsky, Facilities Specialist for Compressed Air, Purified Water and N2 Systems, Gentex Corporation 
  3. Efficiency, Connectivity, Reliability of Compressed Air Treatment Systems – 10 Easy Tips, Tilo Fruth, President, BEKO Technologies
Dean Smith
John Bilsky
Tilo Fruth

The EXPO features leading global manufacturers of compressed air purification, condensate management, and measurement instrumentation and IoT monitoring products. To view the full exhibitor directory, click here. Meet these firms in-person and get your questions answered on how to achieve a reliable supply of safe and contaminant-free compressed air in compliance with your quality management system.


About Best Practices EXPO & Conference

The Best Practices EXPO & Conference occurs October 4-6, 2022, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is devoted exclusively to optimizing on-site utilities powering modern plant automation to enhance reliability, quality and energy/water conservation practices. Systems focused on are compressed air, chilled water, vacuum, blowers, pneumatics, piping, motors, drives, measurement and IoT monitoring. For more information on the Best Practices EXPO & Conference, please visit

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