Industrial Utility Efficiency

Utility Incentives

Since 2002, Energy Trust of Oregon has saved and generated 728 average megawatts of electricity and 52 million annual therms of natural gas. This is enough energy to power Multnomah and Washington counties while heating Deschutes County homes. ETO has saved enough energy equal to the output of a power plant and reduced reliance on fossil fuels. In total, they have invested \$1.5 billion to save customers more than \$6.9 billion on their energy bills over time. They have also added \$5.7 billion to the local economy, including \$1.7 billion in wages, \$312 million in small business income and employment equal to 4,700 full-time jobs lasting a decade.

Chicago Heights Steel Saves $215,000 Annually in Energy Costs

Chicago Heights Steel, Chicago Heights, Ill., leveraged an advanced data monitoring system and adopted a demand-based compressor air management approach to save 2.5 million kWh and \$215,037 per year in energy costs. With an incentive of \$188, 714 from local utility ComEd, the project delivered a payback of 2.4 months.

Why is Positive Energy Important in the Workplace?

If you have chosen the privilege and responsibility to supervise others, how are you dealing with your negative employees? Negativity is contagious. It may seem as if dealing with negative people is easier to simply ignore them. However, it’s important to remember that many people are not aware of how negative energy is affecting them.

Do Your Meetings Sabotage Your Profits?

It’s not that tracking performance is wrong, but there are other ways to issue status reports on projects more efficiently. Email, intranets, and old-fashioned paper can allow data to be absorbed more quickly than verbal presentations at meetings. Why not use the invaluable time in management meetings for what we wish we had more time for – solving problems?

The Character-Driven Company: 5 Simple Rules

Right now you're probably busy taking inventory, organizing your books, and evaluating what you did right (and not so right) in hopes of preparing yourself for a profitable new year. Here’s a suggestion: Instead of focusing solely on financial matters, why not take a good hard look at the character of your company?


17 Credibility Busters That Are Ruining Your Career

Do you have what it takes to be a viable member of the 21st century business community? Are you sure? Globalization, virtual collaboration, and the rise of the project-based workforce have changed all the rules. These days you must be able to influence others, communicate clearly, and—most important of all—elicit trust. If people don’t trust you, they won’t work with you. It’s really that simple. But according to Sandy Allgeier, there is one sure way to gain the trustworthiness you need to succeed: Improve your personal credibility factor.

Harnessing “Personality Style” for Peak Performance

We may all be created equal...but we are certainly not all the same.
By harnessing a very basic working knowledge of the concept of personality style, we will start to develop the tools which can enhance the way we communicate in almost every interpersonal interaction we encounter!

Why Growth Strategies Fail

When the job title gets in the way of reality, failure is sure to result.  The label on your business card – CEO, president, VP, director, senior manager, whatever – clouds a lot of perceptions.  No matter how high-falutin a strategy is  – demonstrating brilliance and shrewd marketplace acumen – execution of the plan is only as probable as the tightest bottleneck in the system.

Is Afternoon Fatigue Influencing Job Performance?

Many things can contribute to afternoon fatigue, but feeling alert can be critical to both your job performance, and your job security. Let’s evaluate what causes the afternoon slump, and start to make it a thing of the past. Here is the formula that will make the difference.