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Kaeser Announces AQUAMAT i.CF


Kaeser Compressors, a leading innovator in compressed air system solutions, announced its new oil-water separator, designed to maximize efficiency, simplify maintenance and seamlessly integrate with modern industrial environments.


The AQUAMAT i.CF with AQUAMAT CONTROL provides clean and effective condensate separation for flow rates up to 3,300 scfm.


Unlike traditional gravity-fed systems, the AQUAMAT i.CF employs an active process using compressed air to more evenly distribute condensate throughout the filter. This innovative approach ensures environmental compliance while maximizing utilization of the filter media for longer service intervals. Ergonomic design and drip-proof cartridges offer fast, no-mess servicing.

The separator boasts the new intelligent AQUAMAT CONTROL that tracks cartridge life. Seamless connectivity via Modbus TCP allows real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and preventing costly downtime. The controller also sends alerts when service is needed, maximizing cartridge life before replacement.

The AQUAMAT i.CF’s innovative modular design allows customers to easily expand capacity to flows up to 3,300 scfm as their production grows with less capital outlay.  Each added module uses the same cartridge, simplifying parts management and reducing service costs.

“Although the oil/water separator is a small part of the compressed air system, the new i.CF enhances the entire system by providing a more reliable condensate separation process with better monitoring and servicing functionality,” said Justin Aycock, Air Treatment Product Manager.


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