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How to Avoid Control Gap with VFD Rotary Screw
Air Compressors

Air Compressor-Chiller Combination Saves Glassware Manufacturer $9 Million Monthly
By Fernando Arce-Larreta, Aggreko

A large manufacturer of consumer glassware products in the North East sought a solution for injecting cold compressed air into its refractory furnace. Doing so would minimize the internal corrosion thereby extending the life of the furnace lining and their annual maintenance interval. The manufacturer opted for a unique solution from Aggreko Engineering featuring a rental, oil-free rotary screw air compressor combined with a heat exchanger and chiller.  Installed in 2019, the solution is expected to save the company $9 million monthly given the ability to maintain extend furnace maintenance from one year to two years – and boost plant uptime. Read article.


Nitrogen Generation System Helps Death Wish Coffee Gain Production Efficiencies
By Tony Hergert, nano-purification solutions

As founding members of a startup company in the compressed air and gas purification and separation industry, nano-purification solutions felt a kinship with the owners, employees and mission of Death Wish Coffee Co. The kinship and nano-purification solutions’ expertise in onsite nitrogen generation led to the installation of a nitrogen generation system that contributes to the overall efficiencies and operational costs savings at the coffee roaster’s production operation in Round Lake, New York. Read article.


Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test Pinpoints Expected Life of Air Compressor Lubricants
By Josh Allen, Isel Inc.

Compressed air contamination can come in various forms, including particles, water, oil, and microorganisms. Non-viable particle contamination is specified in ISO 8573-4:2019 as one of the major contaminants in compressed air to be monitored. Troubleshooting particle contamination with Laser Particle Counters (LPCs) is the focus of this article. Read article.



Compressed Air System Assessment at Douglas Autotech Bolsters Reliability and Energy Savings
By Mike Grennier, Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine

Products manufactured at the 100,000-square-foot plant in Kentucky include columns, I-shafts, covers, keylocks, and other dressings, along with shifter applications, such as straight, tap-up/tap-down and gated shifters. In all, the facility supplies automakers with products used in more than 100 different applications, all of which are designed keep vehicles operating safely, smoothly and reliably. Read article.


How to Manage Compressed Air Systems During High-Demand Events
By Neil Mehltretter, Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

One of the challenges with compressed air system design is dealing with periodic large flow demands. Food and beverage manufacturers are among those process industries that often face these events. Adding in the compressed air demands of onsite packaging further adds to the task. Read article.

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