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SHOW REPORT EXTRA: IoT, Motors and Lubricants at the 2019 BEST PRACTICES EXPO & Conference

The Best Practices EXPO & Conference held from October 13-16, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee, saw a significant increase in attendance growing by 15% to 850 attendees from 20 countries. End user (factory personnel) attendance grew by 60%! The EXPO was also truly international showcasing 115 exhibitors from 16 countries and EXPO attendance was free for qualified industry personnel. This SHOW REPORT EXTRA complements our 2019 Best Practices EXPO & Conference Show Report. Our apologies go to any exhibitors not mentioned due to lack of time.

The objective of the Best Practices event is to help industry discover numerous ways to save energy, conserve water and improve plant profitability by “Optimizing the On-Site Utilities Powering Automation”: compressed air, steam, motors/drives, vacuum, blower and cooling systems.

With this many world-class experts gathered together, networking is one of the most valuable opportunities this event offers! We didn’t forget the music in The Music City! Attendees were treated to networking events including an Opening Reception at the Skye Lounge, offering a 360-degree sunset and night view of Nashville, and a fun EXPO Closing Party at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar on Broadway in the middle of all the honky-tonks!

Jim & Pam Miller

 Jim and Pam Miller, from CASCO USA, enjoying the Opening Reception at the Skye Lounge.

2019 Best Practices EXPO Closing Party

It “ain’t” called the Music City for nothing! Attendees enjoyed an EXPO Closing Party at the “Honky Tonks” on Broadway!

The Best Practices Educational Conference

The conference consisted of four tracks. A big theme we are working on is, “Does your plant understand the constituents of demand on your central plant chillers and cooling towers?” Air compressors and vacuum pumps can be one of the biggest users of cooling water. Track 2 focused on Facility Maintenance & Reliability. Below are some highlights from a 2-hour session, within Track 2 titled, “Reliable Compressed Air Systems with High Ambient Temperatures”.

Jeff Dickson, Sales Manager at John Bouchard & Sons, had the idea for this topic and was the Session Chair. Thanks Jeff!

  • Dale Garthus, Regional Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, presented “High Ambient Temperature Impacts on Air Compressors.” He provided information on the stress on components, reliability and rate of failure in a compressed air system with high ambient temperatures.  He also gave suggestions for being proactive when this situation is encountered by cleaning the coolers, checking the oil, changing inlet filters and to properly ventilate.
  • Chris Spainhower, Regional Sales Manager at SPX Flow, presented “High Ambient Temperature Impacts on Compressed Air Dryers.”  He provided information on regenerative and refrigerated dryers and the impact that high ambient temperatures have on them.  He also provided things to consider within the dryer such as elevated inlet temperatures, higher dew points, condensate downstream, poor air quality and rust and scale.
  • Manhar Grewal, R&D Commercial Systems Product Manager at Sullair, presented “What is Possible? High Ambient Packages for Air-Cooled Air Compressors.”  He provided considerations for going from a water-cooled to an air-cooled compressor system such as the components and ventilation.  He also brought up the fact that both temperature extremes need to be considered and not just high ambient temperatures.
  • Aviran Yaacov, CEO of EcoPlant, presented “IoT Proactive Maintenance and Control Optimization.”  He highlighted the improvements in technology throughout the years and how the industry went from reactive to proactive maintenance and how he expects self-maintenance by the year 2025.  By using IoT, Cloud, and AI, his company’s target is to produce more compressed air with less compressors.

An event for “The Americas”, we were thrilled to welcome attendees from Canada, Mexico, Latin America and South America. Simultaneous Spanish translation was offered for the Opening & Keynote Sessions and for Track 3: Energy Conservation & Monitoring.

Jaime Irribarra and Rodrigo Irribarra, from JP Metals

Jaime Irribarra and Rodrigo Irribarra, from JP Metals, made the trip from Santiago, Chile and enjoyed simultaneous Spanish translation services. Muchas Gracias!


IoT, Monitoring and Control of Key Performance Indicators

“You cannot measure what you do not monitor” was a commonly used phrase at the Best Practices EXPO. Air compressor monitoring technologies like Coaire’s Energy Management System allow users to predict future power demand, monitor energy usage on-site, and more. Coaire also exhibited not one, but two air compressors, including their latest oil-injected rotary screw and oil-less scroll units. The company’s oil-injected rotary screw air compressors range from 30 to 400 hp and are engineered with high-efficiency motors, as well as Variable Speed Drive (VSD) units. Other highlights include easily detachable service doors for convenient access to all parts and a multifunction, six language user-friendly controller. Their 50 horsepower direct drive rotary screw has a slow airend speed of 1780 rpm and sound attenuation to 63 dBa. Coaire offers oil-less scroll compressor units from 3 to 50 hp. The low-maintenance 10 hp oil-less scroll air compressor on display is designed for durability and sound attenuation as low as 49 dBA.

Andrew Nachtigall at the Coaire booth.

Andrew Nachtigall at the Coaire booth.

John Henry Foster, a leading designer and implementer of compressed air, automation and robotic systems, displayed the custom AIRx compressed air system controllers they design and build using Allen Bradley technology.  Based in St. Louis and working nationally, JHF works closely with some of the largest compressed air installations in the U.S. to actively manage their key performance indicators. Way to go!

Christian Corrigan, Mark Ames and Kevin Dodd at the John Henry Foster booth

Christian Corrigan, Mark Ames and Kevin Dodd at the John Henry Foster booth (left to right).

Energair presented their Airmatics remote monitoring system.  The system gives the owner a real time view of the health and performance of their compressed air or vacuum system.  It is possible to detect when it is time for maintenance before issues arise. The system stores five years worth of data in the Air Cloud so that you can go back to review the history of the system.

Milton Boyce and Nicolas De Deken

Milton Boyce and Nicolas De Deken in front of the Energair Airmatics Remote Monitoring System (left to right).

Through a four-step process Sparks Dynamics helps industrial customers to maximize energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses. In a combined booth with Johnson Controls, their new project is focusing on unifying data from chillers, air compressors and all on-site utilities. Using their data acquisition system, the Sparks Dynamics team establishes a baseline for current operating conditions. The data is then analyzed, and an optimization plan is created to identify energy reduction projects. Projects are designed and managed to provide the most energy efficient and reliable solutions while meeting ROI requirements. Finally, Sparks Dynamics monitors the KPI’s and equipment control panel information in real time to verify operating parameters remain on target.

George Privalov Ph.D, Mitch Helmer, Mac Mottley

George Privalov Ph.D, Sparks Dynamics Chief Technical Officer, Mitch Helmer, Product Manager for Johnson Controls, and Mac Mottley, Sparks Dynamics Chief Executive Officer, (Left to Right) at the Sparks Dynamics Booth.


Motors & Drives

WEG Electric Corp., headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, was at the show.  Their stock product is the Standard W22 motor made out of cast iron.  Their W22 IR3 Premium motor is driven by the CFW11 variable speed drive. Their new products, with horsepowers below 25 such as fans, conveyors and small compressors, are now made out of rolled steel.  WEG is fully invested in IoT technology and have launched WEG Motor Scan for frames 63 to 450. The WEG Motor Scan is fastened to the motor fin and there is no electrical connection between the motor and the sensor. Data is sent in real time and stored in the cloud and can be monitored and analyzed on the WEG IoT Platform to monitor motor health and vibration.  This can reduce downtime and aid in preventative maintenance.


Brandon Cook, Erik Murray, Valone Gomes and Robert De Castro Souza

Brandon Cook, Erik Murray, Valone Gomes and Robert De Castro Souza at the WEG booth (left to right).

The U.S. MOTORS® brand, manufactured by Nidec Motor Corporation, is one of the oldest and most respected in the motor industry. For over 100 years, they have made motors for OEMs, as well as for replacements on existing units. They make custom or stock motors for reciprocating, rotary screw and centrifugal air compressor applications. At the show, they were highlighting their horizontal, cast-iron World Motor®. These TEFC motors are available in 0.5 to 250 kW with both NEMA and IEC compliance options.

Nidec Motor

The World Motor® from Nidec Motor Corporation.


Lubricant Technology

Isel proudly exhibited its universal fluid for air compressors, which is also its biggest seller! The 10,000-hour fluid is top-off compatible. This means it can be used on any unit to top off any oil.  They also have a private labeling program so they can package their product according to their customer’s needs. Additionally, Isel offers a complimentary oil analysis program and is able to quickly dispatch engineers to the field for testing.

Daniel Parker and Kyle Belnap

Daniel Parker and Kyle Belnap at the Isel booth (left to right).

Longevity of oil was the topic at Lubrication Engineers, which showcased its long-lasting lubricant. Lubrication Engineers is also big on offering training for customers since, “An educated customer is the best customer,” said Chris Nowlen, Lubrication Sales Consultant.

Chris Nowlen and Matt Valentine

Chris Nowlen and Matt Valentine at the Lubrication Engineers booth (left to right).

The team at Summit highlighted the Varnasolv FG food grade (H1) approved varnish cleaner for air compressors and gear boxes. It’s their first cleaner and there is nothing else like it on the market!

Jasween Jagjit-Webb and Matt Ferguson

Jasween Jagjit-Webb and Matt Ferguson at the Summit booth (left to right).

Ultrachem talked about its Omnilube 32/46 (NST H-1) long-life food grade air compressor lubricant, which reduces maintenance and offers energy efficiency over comparable products. The lubricant is also complimentary to the Omniflush product used to prepare the air compressor for a food-grade lubricant.

Jonathon Rickner, Katarina Grossman and Robert Whiting

Jonathon Rickner, Katarina Grossman and Robert Whiting at the Ultrachem booth (left to right).

SevAir, a brand of AMSOIL INC., showcased its CPG Series of lubricant. Made for rotary screw air compressors, the lubricant is rated for up to 10,000 hour of service life and made from a top-tier polyglycol formulation. “The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in a range of markets has made our brand highly respected,” said Curt Moe, Regional Technical Sales Manager.

Michael Welch, Curt Moe, and Jacob Raddatz

Michael Welch, Curt Moe, and Jacob Raddatz at the SevAir booth (left to right).

SA Performance highlighted a unique approach to aftermarket lubricant manufacturing, with their offering of exact chemical equivalents to popular OEM fluids. This allows for differentiation from other lubricant suppliers and helps distributors whose customers are reluctant to move from OEM fluids. They ask the question, “What if an end user could get the OEM product they trust at an aftermarket price?”. The group also showcased their state-of-the-art air end remanufacturing facility where all machine work is done in house!

SA Performance Best Practices EXPO

Mac Samples, Abra Zawacki, Donna Parker and Mike Parker (left to right).


Increased enthusiasm and excitement shown at the 2019 BEST PRACTICES EXPO & Conference in Nashville can only mean one thing: next year’s event in Chicago on September 20-23, 2020 is not to be missed. Mark your calendar!


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