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BEKO USA Celebrates 25 Years

Earlier this year, BEKO Technologies completed the third renovation of its eight-year-old facility, which provided perfect timing for the company’s 25th Anniversary Event held on September 22, 2016 in Atlanta, GA.  The celebration marked 25-years of operating in the American markets after the German parent company, BEKO Technologies GmbH, first set up shop in the Tulsa, OK area in mid-December of 1990.  This important milestone was celebrated with a guided tour at the newly renovated American headquarters that included new product introductions and live demonstrations, live music and art, and a catered luncheon, along with a presentation from executives from both the United States and Germany. All of which was followed by a private party that evening.

TiloFurthManfredLehnerBEKO Technologies USA President, Tilo Fruth, receiving a 25 Years Certificate from BEKO Technologies GmbH CEO Manfred Lehner (left to right).

BEKO Technologies has been manufacturing and selling industrial technology products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America since 1991. The American headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA and aside from the German parent company, it is by far the largest subsidiary and manufacturing location within the group, as well as the fastest growing one.  During the afternoon portion of the celebration, the company unveiled the first of its kind hyper-intelligent, heated, blower operated desiccant dryer to a full house audience.

beko25guestsAlmost 200 guests toured the newly renovated facility with 30% more warehouse capacity, energy saving LED lighting, 40% solar power, and 30% energy consumption reduction.

New Technologies on Display

In addition, the guided tour offered visitors a first-hand chance to see how BEKO USA manufactures its unique membrane technology, optimized their facility to better serve customers, as well as another exclusive product introduction with the very first membrane air dryer with user programmable dew point controls.  The company strives for dynamic and healthy growth and wants to be the technology and quality leader within the market. “We are thrilled to celebrate a quarter of a century providing ancillary equipment to the compressed air industry,” said Tilo Fruth, President of BEKO Technologies, Corp.

beko25tourThe facility tour included six showcases of recently launched, innovative products like the Drypoint® M ecocontrol membrane dryers.

This event was the world debut of the Drypoint® M eco control membrane dryer technology. The units are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, a control board, and purge control valves. These allow users to set programmable stable or dynamic pressure dew points. This type of dynamic purge control creates significant energy efficiency opportunities in the form of lower purge air use. As ambient and inlet (to the dryer) temperatures increase during the day, for example, the dynamic mode can allow pressure dew point to rise as the dew point suppression remains consistent and the compressed air remains dry.

If an end user wants a stable pressure dew point, they can choose six different settings ranging from +10 C to -26 C.  This allows end users to experiment with higher dew point specifications (in order to achieve lower purge rates) when before they may have been locked in to one low dew point specificiation.

Compressed air systems are perhaps best defined as dynamic. Ambient and inlet temperatures, operating pressures and compressed air consumption rates are always changing. Many applications simply require dew point suppression (from ambient and inlet) to achieve dry air.  In order to program the dynamic dew point, users choose six settings (from 10 to 55 Kelvin) establishing a stable difference between compressed air inlet temperature and dryer outlet pressure dew point.

Other newly launched technologies included the DRYPOINT XC heatless desiccant dryer with BEKOTOUCH controls, the DRYPOINT XF, a heated blower purge dryer (patent pending) with environmentally aware auto-adjusting, ecointelligence software and BEKOTOUCH 2 interface, and DRYPOINT CT and VSD cycling and variable speed refrigerant dryers.

bekodrypointxfThe newly introduced DRYPOINT XF heated blower purge dryer with ecointelligence auto-adjusting software for purge-saving control.

Customer and Employee Celebration

The afternoon event concluded with a live performance of a remix of the official BEKO Technologies’ song by local band, The Bucket Crew, and was followed-up with by a commissioned piece of artwork being created live in front of visitors by local artist Dusty Mauldin during the lunch, meet and greet before heading back to the midtown area to relax before the evening event.  The evening event was held a Summerour Studio overlooking the downtown skyline of Atlanta where guests were treated to a hanging champagne display served by stilt-walkers during the cocktail hour that was followed by a lovely sit down dinner.  There was a moment just between the end of the cocktail hour and dinner service that was the perfect opportunity for one of the most important parts of the entire day – honoring the company’s customers and employees. 

beko25awardsBEKO presented awards to 30 customers and 20 partners. Pictured (left to right) are Manfred Lehner and Tilo Fruth (BEKO), Georgina Nuñez (Kaeser Mexico) and Frank Mueller (Kaeser Compressors).

Time was specifically set aside in order to present special plaques recognizing several customers’ contribution to BEKO USA’s success and their loyalty over the years, and several key individuals from the BEKO group were presented with gifts as well.  There was also a heartfelt speech given by company owner, Monique Abeels-Koch, punctuating the overall importance of this event.  After dinner, guests were treated to the opening of the “BEKO Blue Lounge” that was created in the event space, as well as a large 16’ x 8’ history display detailing the past 25-years of the company in the Americas, and the commissioned art piece just happened to make its way to the evening event to serve as the backdrop for the photo booth.  At that point, it was just time to socialize and/or party as guests saw fit.  It was truly a memorable day, in its entirety, and an event that will not soon be forgotten.

beko25interviewStage interview with Yannick Koch (member of the holding company and owner of BEKO), Manfred Lehner (CEO BEKO Germany), John Hays and Tilo Fruth (BEKO USA).

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