Industrial Utility Efficiency

DENSO Compressed Air Leak Detection Program Drives CO2 Reduction Results

Given that compressed air leak management programs are meant to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and generate ROI, DENSO’s Maryville, Tennessee, manufacturing facility can definitively say it has scored a trifecta when it comes to results – and reaped benefits beyond hard numbers alone.

The Myth of Leak Repairs

When fundamentals like leak detection are neglected, best practices begin to slip. Inefficiency does not happen instantaneously, but slowly becomes the new norm as leaks or open blows are overlooked. Maintaining peak compressed air system efficiency is essential to streamlined operations. Better yet: it doesn’t need to be complicated. A clear, concise, and actionable plan will prevent negligence and keep your operation up-to-date on energy efficiency and cost savings.

End-Of-Life Centrifugal Air Compressor Decisions

Centrifugal air compressors are known for reliable longevity, but at some point, end- of- serviceable- life decisions must be made. Your centrifugal compressor has been the lifeblood of the factory for upwards of twenty-five years, or longer, but it is finally showing signs of giving up the ghost. Much like when the aging family automobile continues to rack up increasingly more expensive repair bills, operators of aging centrifugal compressors face the decision to repair or replace the machine when the maintenance costs reach a certain threshold. 

Compressed Air Efficiency & Reliability Showcased at the Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference

In late October 2023, professionals from around the world gathered at the Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois to source and learn about Sustainable, Safe and Reliable On-Site Utilities Powering Automation including compressed air, blowers, vacuum, pneumatics, motors and cooling water systems. 

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